The curriculum model developed by Biology Education Study Program is "The Curriculum of Biology Education Study Program under the Framework of the Outcome- Based Education as well as the Free-to-Learn and Independent Campus Program" . The preparation of an OBE-based curriculum emphasizes on what students can do well at the end of their learning experience and students must be able to demonstrate the achievement of learning outcomes / graduate learning outcomes (PLO) from a particular learning experience. The curriculum is also prepared on the basis of Article 18 of Permendikbud Number 3 Year 2020 concerning the National Standards for Higher Education, concerning the "Freedom-to-Learn and Independent Campus" Policy as well as the Rector's Decree Number 17 Year 2020 concerning the "Implementation of Higher Education and Teaching, Research, and Community Service Based on Independent Campus and Freedom-to-Learn Program”.

Moreover, the curriculum is also structured according to the demands of the 21st century as well as refers to Permendikbud Number 44 Year 2015  concerning the National Higher Education Standards (SNPT) which includes the Formulation of Graduate Competence Standards, stated in the Graduate Learning Outcomes. The curriculum is developed based on the description of qualification level 6 in the attachment to the Regulation of the President of Republic of Indonesia Number 8 Year 2012 which is adjusted to the unique characteristics of the teaching profession. The curriculum that initially focused on achieving competencies has shifted on the learning outcomes.

In addition, the curriculum of Biology Education Study Program is also based on local excellence, namely the Main Scientific Pattern (PIP) of Mulawarman University, namely " Tropical Rainforests and Its Environment". This study of tropical forests is a local advantage or excellence of Mulawarman University that distinguishes the University from other universities in Indonesia, in the Asian region, or worldwide. When implemented, this curriculum is able to equip students to successfully live in the future.

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