In order to support services to the students and alumni, Biology Education study program has supporting facilities and equipments such as classes and its supporting equipment, laboratory and the equipments, library, health clinic, place of worship, and sports facilities as well as Students Activity Units.


Biology Education Study Program owns four main classes (003, 004, 017, and 028), and other functional classes which can be used on sharing systems with other study programs. Each class is equipped with an air conditioner, projector, widescreen TV, 40 students chairs, and 1 set of chairs and table for the lecturer. In addition to classes, Outdoor Learning Space is also available to support students who want to study and discuss.


There are 4 kinds of laboratories that can be used by students and lecturers of Biology Education; Basic Biology Laboratory, Science Learning Center Laboratory, Micro Teaching Laboratory, and Integrated Laboratory. The integrated laboratory building has an area of 4000 m2. The first floor is the parking and loading-unloading area. The second floor consists of a meeting room, storage room, and toilet. The third floor is designated for applied science research, environmental research, and lecture theater. The fourth floor is used for research on forestry and instrumentation. The fifth floor is utilized for agriculture and engineering research.

Meanwhile, the Science Learning Center building has an area of 3500 m2. The first floor is the Basic Biology Laboratory, vivarium, animal specimens, and toilet. The second floor has Basic Physics Laboratory, Basic Chemistry, Research Room, Classes, and Storage Room. The third floor consists of a library, religious room, staffs room, and toilet. The fourth floor has halls, a study room for learning science for physics, biology, and chemistry. The next one is the education laboratory which is Microteaching Laboratory. It is a facility that supports pedagogy skills. Through the activities in this laboratory, the pre-service biology teacher has opportunities to train and improve their teaching skills with their peers' support as students. The experience of planning, implementing, and evaluating Biology Subjects train their pedagogical content knowledge into real activity. After joining these activities, pre-service teachers are well prepared for teaching at the high school level.


Four libraries can be accessed by students and staff of the Biology Education study program, they are; study program library, faculty library, the university library, and regional library. Each library provides access to the collection of books, journals, and other publications online or offline. Mulawarman University library link (http://perpustakaan.unmul.ac.id) provides various online services such as online catalogs, e-journal, electronic thesis and dissertation, digital collections, and other services.

Health Clinic

Mulawarman University owns one health clinic which can be accessed by students and staffs of Biology Education study program. The services offered by the clinic is in a form of medical check-up including the Covid 19 test, medication and vaccination. For psychological services, counseling and guidance services are provided by Guidance and Counseling Service Room

Place of Worship

In order to facilitate staffs and students in conducting religious activity, Mushola and Mosque is available within campus area.

Sport Facilities

Tennis field, table tennis, volleyball, badminton and jogging track are available and accessible for the students and staffs.        

Students Activities Units

On the occasion of students interest and talent development, Student Activities Unit is available for the students to join each to their interest and talent, starting from students scouting, arts, music, and sports as well as leadership training through students organization from study program, faculty and university level.

Guest House, Bank dan Cafetaria

To serve underprivileged students and students from outside of the city, there are apartments with 4 floors and a 10 room guest house with adequate facilities for students. In addition, there are also banking services through banks that have built offices in the campus area, such as BNI Bank, BTN Bank, Indonesian Sharia Bank and Kaltimtara Bank. There is also a cafeteria that provides menus  that students need.

In addition to all the physical facilities mentioned above, IT-based service is also available and provided by UPT Computer Center. The services available are the Academic Information System (sia.unmul.ac.id) that can be accessed by staff and students, the Personnel Administration Database System (sidak.unmul.ac.id) that can be accessed by staff, the University’s public relations service (unmul.ac.id) and learning services (LMS, mols.unmul.ac.id). The university also provides large internet bandwidth for Faculty of Teacher Training and Education and provides hotspot and point access to make it easier for students and staff to access the internet connection.

Students and other stakeholders claimed that they are satisfied with the provided facilities. This can be seen from the user satisfaction survey delivered by faculty and UPT Perkasa Unmul. For other sharing services with other study programs, the utilization is organized in the decision of Mulawarman University’s Rector.