Quality Assurance

The implementation of Mulawarman University internal quality assurance system refers to the Rector's Regulation number 7 of 2019 concerning "Implementation of the quality assurance system within Mulawarman University". In the rector's regulation, it means: 1) Education Development and Quality Assurance Institution, which is abbreviated as LP3M, is an institution that has the task of coordinating, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating activities to improve the development and quality assurance of education; 2) The Faculty Quality Assurance Center, which is abbreviated as GJMF, is the center for the quality assurance group on duty at the faculty level.

🏢 Website of Faculty Quality Assurance

The Faculty Quality Assurance  has involved student representatives as official members of the Faculty Quality Assurance and evidenced by the Decree below. In the next step, students will be involved in the quality management review meeting process at the faculty level. It is hoped that through this step students are more involved in developing and making improvements to the quality of study programs.

🧾Decree of Faculty Quality Assurance


Report on the Lecturer Performance Evaluation

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