Biology Education Study Program Students Council

Biology Education Student Association (Himapbio) FKIP Mulawarman University


History of the Biology Education Student Association (Himapbio)

The student association (HIMA) is a student organization of study programs located in universities. In the biology education study program, it is called as IMABI.  The Biology Student Association (IMABI) founded on October 28, 1998, was subsequently updated to the Biology Education Student Association (HIMAPBIO) on November 11, 2001. The Biology Education Student Association (HIMAPBIO) is an internal organization of biology education students at Mulawarman University, located on the campus of FKIP MIPA Gunung Kelua, Samarinda. This organization has work programs that aim to foster academic biology education who are devoted to God Almighty, as well as a means to channel aspirations and community services. In addition, the Biology Education Student Association (HIMAPBIO) FKIP Unmul serves as a forum to channel the power, creation, innovation, and aspirations of all member with activities that do not contradict the applicable norms, ethics, and regulations. The management structure of this organization consists of the general chairman, general secretary, general treasurer, home affairs berueau, venture and funds bureau, regeneration department, education and research department, public relations department, interests and talents department, and communication and information department.

Biology Education Student Association (Himapbio) Program

The program at Himapbio facilitates student to study more independently and can improve the soft skills of Biology Education Study Program students. The programs are held based on student needs, so that all Himapbio activities that are held can improve students abilities and skills. Some of Himapbio activities are :

  • OSAGI (Biological Science Competition)


OSAGI (Biological Science Competition) is a superior work program of the Biology Education Student Association (Himapbio) which aims to increase the knowledge of Junior High School, High School, and University Students throughout science education in the field of biology, preparation for national and international Olympiads, running the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, such as in the field of education, research, and services as well as increasing the brotherhood of fellow participants, committees, and sponsors. OSAGI has been carried out 12 times since 2010 until now.

This program has a positive impact on students, because it can improve communication skills with fellow committees, with lecturers, and also companions and students participating in the Olympics, improve the ability to make national standard Olympic question for junior and senior high school students, improve organizing skills and gain insight into national seminars as well as the delivery of socialization of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Mulawarman University, especially the Biology Education Study Program at East Kalimantan, North Kalimantan, and throughout Indonesia. In the implementation of OSAGI (Biological Science Competition) activities, alternative sources of funds are obtained from sponsorship, Dean of FKIP Unmul, Himapbio cash, and participant contributions.

  • DNH (Dies Natalis Himapbio)