Field Orientatio-Community Service (KKN-PLP)

The field orientation at Biology Education Study Program, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Mulawarman University is carried out through Field Orientation-Student Community Service (PLP-KKN) program which integrates teaching practice and community service at the same time. Through this program, it is expected that students are able to recognize, analyze, and overcome problems in their field practice sites, school and its environment.

Field Orientation (PLP)

Field Orientation is a stage in the process of preparing professional teachers of Education Degree Program. In this program, students are assigned to implement the results of their study through observing learning process at school/educational institutions, developing learning media, and guided teaching and learning along with reflective actions under the guidance and supervision of lecturers and supervising teachers. Field Orientation emphasizes on learning aspects as well as education management in an education unit in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education No. 55 Year 2017 Article 1 Section 8.

Field Orientation covers the activities such as observation and internship carried out by students of Biology Education Study Program that focuses on learning aspects and education management at school. It has 4 credits and is divided into School Field Introduction 1 with 1 credit (Students conduct observation at school referred by faculty) and School Field Introduction 2 with 3 credits (Students carry out teaching practice). Field Orientation emphasizes on learning aspects as well as education management in an education unit. 

Community Service (KKN)

Student Community Service is part of college courses that is required to be taken by students of Education Degree Program after completing 110 credits. In Faculty of Teacher Training and Education curriculum, Student Community Service is provided in the seventh semester prior to the completion of undergraduate thesis as a fulfillment of the final requirement to complete the undergraduate program and given 3 credits (Academic Regulations; the Rector Regulation No. 17 Year 2020 Article 60). Student Community Service is compulsory course, for students are taught to deal with complexity of problems or issues in society, in a wide range of scale or limited. The problems are related to economy, social, environment, culture, and politics. A range of knowledge acquired in college (ideal atmosphere) creates synergy to overcome problems (problem solving). In this respect, it becomes students’ main tasks to study while solving problems (learning by doing) in the real situation (real world). The integration of theory and field practice is essential for students after graduating from Mulawarman University.


📒  PLP-KKN Guidance Document