National Seminar


Research and Community Service is one of the tridharma of higher education which aims to produce innovative works that are useful for the community. As a civitas academica, take an active role in research activities and excellent community service referring to the national research master plan. Scientific publications are very important because they are needed not only for the purposes of lecturers in disseminating research results and their PPM, at this time students are also required to present and publish research results. To facilitate and meet these needs, the Biology Education Study Program conducts a National Webinar. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the presentation of research results can be carried out through webinar activities which are seminars conducted through websites or internet-based applications. This seminar technique allows speakers to present and share material through electronic media and the internet. Therefore, holding a national webinar that produces scientific publications, whether published in national journals or in national proceedings, is a must. The National Webinar for Biology Education, FKIP Unmul, is an activity that collects research papers from lecturers, students and researchers, to be presented in front of the webinar participant forum. The webinar activity, involving the main presenters, accompanying speakers, and related participants from all over Indonesia. The National Seminar on Biology Education V will be held in November 2022. The main resource person at this seminar is Prof. Dr. Fida Rachmadiarti, M.Kes. from the State University of Surabaya, Dr. Abdulrasyid Tolangara, S.Pd., M.Si from Khairun University Ternate, and from Mulawarman University represented by Prof. Dr. Didimus Tanah Boleng., M.Kes.